Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Patio Lighting

The previous owners left Christmas lights up around the patio. While they served a purpose of having light when we were in the hot tub, they were rather ugly (they run along the brick on the house).

We have been on the hunt for some string lights to be used along the pergola. In the beginning of the summer, we loved these lights from Ballard Designs. Lucky for us, we waited it out until the end of the season. Two weekends ago, they had all their outdoor furniture and accessories an additional 50% off at the outlet by us. We snagged two strands for $35 a piece.

I looked on Pinterest for different ways people hung them, and we ultimately decided to make a zig-zag pattern. We started planning it out to see what would work best.

We picked up some screws with hooks on the end and drilled it into the pergola. 

Greg didn't like the string lights having all the pressure from being pulled, so we picked up some wire and threaded that through. It was quite the process.. we already had the lights hanging, so we had to take all the light bulbs out, bring the cord in and start from scratch.

Here is how they look after. We re-hung them using the wire and pulling the string of lights along with it. We alternated every three beams on the pergola, which worked out pretty perfect. The lights bulbs we found here.

And at night. I love how it creates a room outside on our patio.

xo, Erin


  1. Oooh I LOVE this! That is the lighting for my dream patio. It looks amazing! I'd stay under there all night!

  2. It kind of confused me that purple woods changed color, is it because of the new lights? But they are much better than the old Christmas light. The second to the last photo is a pretty sight! Your porch looks much livelier with the right amount of lighting in it. Allison @