Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Palladian Blue

We had a successful weekend of painting! Saturday morning I painted the trim using Behr white in a satin finish. It was amazing to actually see the difference from the previously, dingy white trim. The tool you see in the picture was shoved under the trim so I didn't get any paint on the carpet. Painting all the baseboards, windows and door trim took less than two hours.

Sunday morning it was time to start taping in preparation to paint the walls. I am always the taper. Greg claims he's 'not good at it'. Also a good way of saying he doesn't want to do it. Once the room was taped, I used the paintbrush for the edges while Greg rolled. We went with Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue, color matched to Behr. For the walls we went with a flat matte finish and love the results.

I swear by Frog Tape... it's the bomb. This time I decided to try the ScotchBlue Edge-Lock tape for trim. The blue tape went around the freshly painted baseboards and windows while I still used the Frog Tape on the ceiling.

Results? Super impressed! The blue tape peeled off like butter without a bump in the road. It was so smooth coming off the trim.. and just check out these crisp lines:

And now the room shots. Everything is still a blank slate with nothing hanging on the walls. I couldn't resist sharing the after. I love how the paint color compliments our furniture and makes the room feel so cozy and peaceful.

And check out our window treatments..

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for blackout curtains that fit with the color scheme and are my style. No luck. I buy a bunch, bring them home, only to discover they aren't really blackout. I want my room dark  when I sleep! We don't want to hang any curtain rods until we know the length of the new curtains. So the doors are serving a good purpose in the meantime.

xo, Erin


  1. That paint color is AWESOME, I love it!


  2. I agree!! That paint color is gorgeous and it really makes your dark wood pop!! I Love it!!!

  3. Love the paint color!

    My bedroom faces the south, and needed black-out curtains as well. I purchased the thermal roman shades from Bed bath and beyond. then i hung curtains. i pull them up during the day but at night/early morning, it's so dark!

  4. I love the paint color too! Very pretty!

  5. The color scheme is great! Where is your bedroom furniture from?

    1. Thanks-- furniture is from Morris!