Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pictured Rocks

Summer has been a whirlwind so far! We got back on Sunday and I have not stopped moving since. I started watching the kiddos on Monday, had 5+ loads of laundry to do, grocery shopping, a house to clean, flowers to be watered and homework on top of that.

Hoping to get caught up on things this weekend. I have lots of summer projects to check off the list and rooms to paint! In the meantime, take a peek at some vacation photos. The weather was perfect-- we hiked, went off-roading, saw waterfalls, ate fudge, took some boat rides and relaxed. If you have never been to the U.P. in Michigan, I highly suggest going and checking out the Pictured Rocks. It was beautiful!

Mackinac Bridge- the only way to get to the U.P. from Michigan

Pit stop in the Whitefish Bay

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum -- that is the actual bell that
 they recovered from the Edmund Fitzgerald

Greg being 'creative' and trying to get a picture of the boat smashing into my head

Rock searching, which I found out the last day I wasn't supposed to do.. whoops!

No one was on the roads in the U.P....

First day of exploring: lots of waterfalls and views

Caste Rock in the distance and Lake Superior

Castle Rock up close

This waterfall was huge.. we were getting misted

We had a treacherous hike to this waterfall we decided to picnic right in front of it

little Jeep in a big forest

Pictured Rocks Sunset Cruise:

It was 60 degrees out, Greg insisted on sitting on the top deck. It was FREEZING!

The overlook we were on earlier by Castle Rock

Caves of All Colors

Lover's Leap

Look closely at the pine tree on the top of the rock..
its roots bridge the gap and it gets its nutrients from the rock next to it. It was crazy!

That was just our first two days. I took hundreds of pictures and will share more tomorrow!

xo, Erin

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