Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Calm Before The Storm

Sorry folks, but my life has been very uneventful. I never realized how busy we really were with house projects, until now. We have been soaking up these last few days before packing begins and our life is chaotic once again. There has been a lot of napping, tv watching, internet surfing and just plain ole' being lazy these past couple weeks. We started watching Walking Dead on Netflix, and a week later, finished all the episodes. I guess we should have paced ourselves. Greg even made a comment that his back hurt from sitting on the couch so much.

We are definitely looking forward to projects starting back up and warmer weather. We enjoy getting out after dinner and taking a walk and playing some frisbee. We can't wait to explore our new neighborhood and  the surrounding area. There are lots of trees, hills, paths and a golf course to explore -- there may need to be bikes involved to see everything.

Will update soon if anything exciting happens around here -- and document our packing experience. Not sure what's worse, packing or unpacking. This is how I might feel in a few weeks:

xo, Erin

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  1. So excited for you! Good luck with the whole process! Embrace it and take lots of pics to share! :o)