Monday, May 20, 2013

+5 For The Jeep

Last week when I shared outdoor pictures, our plan was to tackle this mess:

So we did...

From start to finish it took about 20 minutes to pull out 5 bushes. I would like to tell you that we have super powers and dug them up in minutes, but we had a little help from the Jeep. We tied a tow strap along the base and made a slip knot. We hooked it to the back of Greg's jeep, he slowly stepped on the gas, and out the bushes came. Yup, that simple.

I was also busy planting LOTS of flowers yesterday! The previous owners left lots of flower pots, so I took advantage and did most of my planting in pots this year. I'll let you know at the end of the season which I prefer: pots or garden beds.

That was our Sunday in a nutshell!

xo, Erin

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