Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Hot Tub Story {Part 1}

It's been a year since we ended up with a hot tub.  I never really expanded on the story because it was a crazy situation that you might hear about in a movie. We started installation this weekend, crossed our fingers and it was a miracle  that it worked!

It all started a year ago when we had a really bad storm. Houses were struck by lightning and the rain came down for hours. The following day, Greg stopped in a pool supply store because his boss needed to pick something up. Greg wandered over to the hot tubs to 'look' like he always does. He has always dreamed of having a hot tub, but knew it wasn't affordable.

A sales guy walked up to him and said "Can I help you?"
"No, I'm just looking for fun. I can't afford these"
"Well, if you want a free one, there are probably some floating down the Ohio River."
"Wait, what? Hot tubs in the river?"
"Yeah, the creek overflowed and knocked down our storage shed. 16 hot tubs floated away."
"Aren't you going to look for them?"
"A few guys drove around and followed the creek, no sign of them. They are probably long gone."

Greg went back to work, but obviously couldn't stop thinking about the fact there are 16 hot tubs somewhere. He pulled up Google maps and tried following the creek. He was looking for bends where the hot tubs may have gotten stuck. He wasn't being productive at work, and convinced his boss to let him leave for an hour to take a quick look.

Him and a co-worker followed the road back behind the building a little ways and found a parking lot. They started looking through the brush to find the creek and were sinking in the mud. The creek was extremely high and they couldn't get very close. They were just about to give up and look somewhere else, when something white caught Greg's eye. He was convinced it was a hot tub and had to get closer.

They drove around to the other side of the creek and started investigating. Again, they were walking through mud and flooded brush. They got close and sure enough, it was a hot tub! Not just one, but Greg saw 3! There was a sharp bend in the creek and lots of trees down. Two of the hot tubs were flipped over and the exterior seemed a little beat up. The one Greg had originally seen was perfectly straight up and lodged up on the side.

They had to get back to work, but didn't want anyone else to find it. He found a hot tub cover and threw it on top, hoping it would camouflage it. (The news had covered a story about the hot tubs missing, so they figured others would be out looking for them).

Greg got home from work that night, pants and shoes covered in mud. He explained what happened and I got super excited! We took a drive down so Greg could show me, and we needed to start brainstorming how we would get it out.

The water had already began to recede and we got a closer look. There actually ended up being 4 hot tubs stuck there. As we were leaving to go back home, we noticed a few other cars slowly driving around looking for hot tubs as well. Oh shoot, I hope they don't find it...

(Stay tuned for part 2)

xo, Erin

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