Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Second Anniversary: Cotton

We are sticking with the traditional anniversary gift theme. Last year was paper, this year was cotton.

Again, Greg takes this very literally:

Yes, that box is full of cotton balls..

I got Greg a personalized pillow for our bed, a shirt and new boat shoes.

Our big gifts to each other included lenses for my (our) camera and all the supplies needed to get the hot tub up and running. We are also leaving for vacation this weekend to the UP and Mackinac Island.. can't wait!

We celebrated by going out to dinner at Jag's, a nice steakhouse by our new house. We picked out dessert 'on the house' and it came out looking very fancy. After dinner, we came home and watched our wedding video. It is such a fun tradition to bring back memories of our special day. A videographer is definitely  worth the investment!

Next year is leather... I wonder what Greg has up his sleeve for that one ;)

xo, Erin

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Just found your blog and this is just crazy...I was on Melissa's blog and saw your comment under mine so clicked on it and started reading. I then see the words CINCINNATI and stop. I live in Cincy too! :)