Wednesday, May 15, 2013

House Tour: Outside

Now that everything is in bloom and is looking green from all the rain, I finally took some outdoor pictures to share with you. It is a work in progress. You will see in the pictures some of the bushes we whacked down last weekend, and some things that still need attention. I should also note it was very windy when I was taking the pictures. (I started taking pictures standing in the driveway, headed towards our back patio. Sorry, it's a little backwards.)

From the driveway, this path leads you to our back patio/hot tub

 A view standing in the garden, looking at our patio. The landscape provides a lot of privacy

Here is a lilac bush, tangled up with some big weeds, tree growth, and overgrown prickly bushes. (this mess is on our to-do list for this weekend)

Another angle of the mess. You couldn't even see the bushes prior to us trimming that tree up

That's the tree we trimmed up. We plan on pulling bushes out and planting smaller ones or just some flowers underneath

The view from our back property line

We love how much shade the pergola provides. You can also see how the hot tub blends in and is private in the corner surrounded by landscaping

We whacked those rose bushes down last weekend. They were growing into the tree

The view of our backyard, our property ends before the bigger tree in the distance

Huge lilac tree and overgrown rose bushes underneath

And now the front...

The Bradford Pear tree has sprouts everywhere! I am trying to convince Greg to cut the tree down...

This is an overgrown mess to the right of the front door. The Japanese Maple is looking crazy and hides everything behind it. The holly in the way back is almost as tall as the dining room windows!

These were found blooming behind the Japanese Maple

There is a large tree/bush type thing in the center of this picture. It is also slowly taking over the house

This is the view down the driveway. Large bushes try and hide the utility boxes

These beauties were found blooming by the mailbox

And back up the driveway there is one more garden bed..

..and a cute little light post growing more flowers

xo, Erin


  1. Those bushes look like azaleas or rhododendrons. You can tell the difference by the flowers. If they have one blossom per stem they are azaleas. If they have a blossom cluster its a rhododendron. Both are shade loving plants and like living near or under trees.

  2. I am so behind on my blog reading, but this looks fabulous! The landscaping is perfection!