Monday, July 22, 2013

Not Much Going On

Sorry I disappeared last week.. there wasn't much to blog about. I was busy running here and there. Greg was out of town a few nights so I enjoyed some girl time. Shopping, a lunch date, pool time and some drinks with my friends made for a fun, relaxing week.

Over the weekend we did some odds and ends. We cleaned the house, cut the lawn, fertilized the lawn, figured out our irrigation system and did lots of laundry! Greg spent much of Saturday underneath the Jetta being a mechanic. He figured out the problem, but we couldn't get the part because everywhere was closed. I started packing for our trip out east and preparing some things for my sister's bridal shower.

I am going to disappear again this week, because we are taking a road trip to New Jersey. We are making a pit stop in Baltimore, then headed to Atlantic City for two days and spending the rest of the time with family. Looking forward to vacation and heading 'home'.

xo, Erin

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