Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Evolution Of Our Dining Room

I left you back in April with the painted walls in our dining room. We have done some work since then, and for some reason, I forgot to share. I told you we have been busy...

Disclosure: this room is super hard to photograph, I was constantly competing with the windows

First thing was the ceiling. We have lots of gorgeous crown in the room and we didn't want it to all blend together. So we painted the lower tier of the ceiling a neutral tan.

Next up was the light. The previous owners didn't even leave an ugly chandelier.. it was a basic flush-mount light that looked lost in the room. We ordered this pendant light from Crate & Barrel despite the bad reviews. With the $99 price tag, we wanted to give it a shot. There are similar lights out there for $500 and up.

We opened up the box after we picked it up, and the first thing we saw was 'professional installation recommended'. Good thing Greg is a professional ;)

... and Murphy supervised

 1. We turned the power off and removed the old light fixture

2. We mounted the plate for the new light and made sure it was straight

3. We measured how low we wanted the light to hang, and pulled the cords accordingly

4. Greg attached the light to the ceiling

5. Then made sure it was level

This is a close up of what the reviews had warned about. The plate the light comes with is not large enough to cover the existing hole. We bought a piece of trim from Home Depot that we are going to paint white and surround the box with (kind of like mini crown). Hope to complete that project soon...

The final project we just finished a few days ago, was curtains. This definitely helped bring the room together and make it feel more complete. It adds an element of texture and coziness to the room. I bought these curtains from Target in the longer length. We have 9 foot ceilings so I hung the rods high and wide to add height and draw the eye up. They need to be steamed, but I love them.

Those are the dining room updates so far. Looking to add a wine buffet and wall art in the near future.

xo, Erin


  1. Very pretty! I love the new light fixture!

  2. It looks great! I love the color combo. It's very warm and welcoming with still a stylish feel. I love seeing the updates for your house.