Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Peace Out Bushes

We've been meaning to tackle our front landscaping. It's overwhelming. All this rain lately has been making it grow out of control. We never knew wishing for established landscaping would land us with this mess...

From a distance it may not look so bad. Looking at our house, you can barely even see the windows to the right of the front door. That's a problem.

Up close.. there were holly bushes growing out of control.

So the start of our holiday weekend, before the rain came, we dug in. And we couldn't stop...

We don't know what this bush is.. and it was getting out of control. It was covering half our stone and starting to take over the garage windows. We first tried trimming it up, but were unsuccessful.

We decided to try the good ole' Jeep trick to help us pull it out.

The bush didn't budge. So we got out the chainsaw and it disappeared real quick. A lot of the other bushes need a good haircut, but we are waiting for the fall.

See the bushes under the bottom windows? They were hiding/suffocating under the holly bushes

Not bad for 2 hours of work. We treated ourselves to fro-yo afterwards, so it was worth it!

xo, Erin

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  1. It's looking great! I remember doing this when we first got our house. It was a great workout with a great sense of accomplishment at the end. I love those types of home projects.