Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Laundry Gets Easier

Is there such a thing as a perfect drying rack? The Ballard Designs Outlet store is dangerously close to us, only about 5 minutes away. Every Monday they advertise new specials, which means Greg and I try and swing by there to take a peek.

I have had my eye on these drying racks for a few months, waiting for the right price and one that wasn't damaged. The Labor Day sales were just right, so a large white one came home with us.

I have always been one to hang dry shirts that shrink, jeans, work pants, skirts, etc. I had a collapsible drying rack that I would setup in the bedroom once a week, that was becoming a nuisance.  I was constantly running up and down the stairs while doing laundry and it was getting old.

The drying rack didn't sit around for more than two days before Greg wanted to get it hung. We removed a shelf and some hooks that were hanging in the laundry room from the previous owners. We briefly planned out how we may want to re-do things in the future, so we wouldn't have to re-hang the drying rack. We also had to look at where the doors were, and the height to hang it, so it wouldn't be get in the way.

After we removed the shelf.. the blank wall

Greg making sure the hardware was level, then he had to find the studs

The finished product

I have used it twice to hang clothes and it is perfect! You only have to open half at a time and it holds so much. We have also used it to hang wet towels after coming in from the hot tub. I am spoiled by a handy hubby who makes my life doing laundry much easier!

Another Ballard Designs purchase to share soon-

xo, Erin

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