Monday, September 16, 2013

Lights, Camera, Work!

We needed a working office. I was getting tired of having stacks of papers and books everywhere and spreading my materials in various rooms. Most nights I sit on the couch and read or do homework, but it's very distracting. We finally found a desk we love, which got our butt in gear to work on the office.

My husband is awesome. He can figure out how to do any project around the house which saves us so much money! Oh, and he enjoys doing it too, bonus!

The lighting situation in the office was horrible. There was this ugly ceiling fan/light combo with the dimmest light ever. You couldn't see what you were doing at all. Greg had already cut in to the ceiling when he had to repair the leaky pipe. We never patched it back up because the plan was to install recessed lighting.

Greg traced the diameter of the lights and placed them on the ceiling for an idea of where we wanted them. The plan was to install four lights, one in each corner. He then used a stud finder to adjust the lights accordingly and then remeasured to make sure everything was centered. The ceiling fan also got taken down at this point.

He cut four wholes in the ceiling, ran the wire and installed the lights. He installed a dimmer switch just in case they were too bright. Spoiler alert: they were too dim! The room needed more lights.

We decided to install two more lights in the center of the room right above the desk. We figured that would add another 100+ watts, and if needed, we could use a desk light too. It is now perfect, the lights reflect off the white desk and make it even brighter.

We snagged this huge Tuscan Desk from the Ballard Designs outlet for a steal! It is a partner's desk so if needed, we could have chairs on both sides. There is plenty of room to spread out books and such while doing school work. (Don't mind the pile of cords under the desk, we need a power strip and will rearrange)

The room in the evening, plenty of light with the new lights installed

I want to accessorize the desk a bit, paint the chair white and get some new carpet. Love how the desk AND lights make such a big impact to the space.

xo, Erin

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