Friday, September 7, 2012

Cheers To The Weekend

Happy Friday! I have been waiting for this day for a long time. We are leaving tomorrow for our trip out west. I am so excited to explore, relax and enjoy the scenery. Most of our time will be spent in Lake Tahoe, but we will also be visiting San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

I am linking up with From My Grey Desk to share my five highlights from this week. Obviously, my birthday would be number one, but I shared my fabulous day with you yesterday.

1. Football season has begun! Michigan State started their season with a victory, Go Green!

2. We won Yard of the Month and a $50 gift card to Home Depot. Thank you for all your votes!

3. Packing for 9 days take a lot of planning, especially with a wide range of weather forecasts. I lay out outfits according to what we plan on doing, then accessorize with shoes and jewelry. I tried to find a common pair of walking shoes and sandals that go with most outfits. Same with a jacket.

4. I shared this purse yesterday.. I just love it that much. Happy Birthday to me :)

5. Homemade burrito bowls for dinner. Tastes just like Chipotle (my favorite place to eat) , but cheaper and healthier. I deleted the picture on accident. Just grab some white rice, cilantro, black beans, chicken, salsa, sour cream and cheese and pile it all together.

Like I said, we are going out west next week so I will be taking some time off blogging. See you when we return!

xo, Erin


  1. Have a wonderful trip! I'm excellent at over-packing... but once I lay out the piles and take about half the stuff out... I'm good.

  2. burrito bowls - yum!!! love your polka dot shirt you packed!! and love your new purse!

  3. do you have room for stowaways in your luggage? :) sounds like an amazing trip. have fun!