Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Organizing 101: My Jewelry

Back in March, I briefly touched on my closet and how I organize my jewelry. I have since gained more jewelry, and was in need of eliminating and re-organizing. Unfortunately the fabulous dividers I use are no longer available at IKEA, but I am sure you can find some kind of alternative.

Here's what it looks like all closed up and open:

I have 3 dividers which I broke into different categories. The first one contains earrings, rings, watches and bracelets. The second divider consists of silver and gold necklaces and the last one contains all my colored necklaces. Everything is easily seen and if I'm looking for something specific, I know right where to look. Below are some detail pictures of each divider. (Sorry for the poor picture quality, it was a cloudy day and the closet gets no natural light. I was competing with the closet light and flash)

Divider 1

silver and gold/rose gold bracelets

popular studs are placed in this cushion, all the backings are in a small box

multiple earrings in each divider, normally sorted by similarities

Divider 2

some silver necklaces

and some gold

Divider 3

All the drawers open

How is your jewelry organized? I have seen some great ideas on Pinterest! I am contemplating adding some hooks in the closet for my statement necklaces that don't fit in the dividers very well.

xo, Erin

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