Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Candy Cane Tree Farm

It is tradition in Greg's family to go to a tree farm after Thanksgiving. Everyone piled in a few cars and we headed to Candy Cane tree farm, about twenty minutes away.

The families split up looking for a tree they wanted to cut down. Greg and I had to head back to Ohio with a full car, so we were just there to hang out. We normally grab a tree from Home Depot because we only get to enjoy it a few weeks before we spend our Christmas break traveling.

One of my Christmas presents came a little early, a Pentax system camera.  It is a gift from Greg and my parents, we had fun testing it out this weekend. Check out our adventure at the tree farm.

{ This is where the pictures would be, except apparently my memory on the blog is full. I now need to decide how much memory I need to buy }

Check back!

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