Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday Night

Weeknights aren't normally that exciting around here. The routine is typically dinner, nightly news, gym (for me), blog, surf the internet, Masters work.  This week is a little different. We are on a crunch to get the laundry room done and assembled.  This weekend, I will be playing catch up on my loads of laundry.

Monday night, Greg and I finished laying the tiles and ran to Home Depot to pick out a grout color. Last two steps are grout and sealing.

This is what our Tuesday night consisted of...

Go time for me. A week and a half left of classes and a super long to-do list

While I was reading and studying like a maniac upstairs, this is what Greg was doing. Yes, I realize there is a lot of haze, I caught him mid-grouting.

And while we were both busy doing our thing, this is where I found Murphy. Comfy, cozy and ALWAYS on that blanket!

Productive weeks are very rewarding, but also very exhausting!

xo, Erin

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