Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Warriors { B & B }

Can you take a guess what our weekend project was? Here are two clues:


If you guessed board and batten, you were right :)

We decided we needed to add some more hooks and make it feel more 'mudroom' like. This corner was perfect, it was between the garage door and entrance to our kitchen. On the way in or out, you can now easily grab what you need. We had a coat hook, but it got overflowed by keys, coats and my purse. This new system will allow more space, and I can't get enough board and batten!

We drew a rough sketch of how we wanted it to look, took some measurements and headed to Home Depot with our list. 1x3's, hooks and paint were all we needed to complete this project. Total cost - about $30.

step 1: clear your space and remove trim

step 2: sand down walls where old trim was (if needed)

step 3: paint walls white (2-3 coats)

step 4: paint 1x3's the same white paint
It is way easier to paint before you mount them

step 5: measure where boards will go and make your cuts

step 6: pin them into place using a nail gun
...this is what happened when Greg handed me the nail gun, whoops!

step 7: fill pin holes with Patch n' Paint

step 8: use paintable caulk in the seams

We have a few steps to go, but here is the in-process before and after:


I love the results so far! My hubby rocks.. he did about 90% of this project by himself. Sorry ladies, he's taken :)

Finished project pictures soon!

xo, Erin

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  1. Looks great, what a fun weekend project! By the way I nominated you for the Liebster award, you can check it out on my blog at