Friday, November 2, 2012

High Five

I can't even believe today is Friday. It has been a pretty busy week with my two classes coming to an end soon. Lots of reading, quizzes, projects and papers crammed in! Looking forward to having these classes finished and moving on. This weekend will be full of more school work and fun projects around the house. Sometimes it's nice to have weekends with no set plans and the ability to work at your own pace.

Make sure you link up with From My Grey Desk to share your top 5 from the week:

1. So Greg bought me a monogram necklace for my birthday (2 months ago). Long story short, we had to send it back and have it remade. It finally arrived and am so happy I can wear it

2. We saw O.A.R. in concert Saturday night at Miami for Greg's birthday. They dressed up as Revenge of the Nerds for their 'Halloween Show'. It was so much fun!

3. The weather this week has been cold and rainy/snowy from Hurricane Sandy. We did have this beautiful sunset though

4. I dressed Murph up as a pumpkin for Halloween.. he loves wearing the same costume every year :)

5. This is what Greg has been up to all week. Some may think this looks awful because it means work. To me, this is awesome. It signifies no more linoleum in our house and also the last room that needs work. Hooray!

Check back for laundry room updates!

xo, Erin


  1. I love your monogram necklace! That is a beautiful sunset.

  2. Murph is so cute in his little pumpkin costume.

    What happened with the original necklace? Glad you got it's gorgeous!

  3. I love OAR! Glad you had an awesome week...Happy Friday!

  4. Where did you get that necklace?! I've been looking for one for sometime now. Happy, happy Friday!


      She was great to work with and the quality is amazing! The first one arrived with the letters in the wrong order and she happily returned it and made me a new one.

  5. I asked for a monogram necklace for my birthday! love yours!! and we used to listen to oar all the time!