Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moving Mulch

With the mild temperatures and my few days off, Greg thought it would be a great idea to have mulch delivered. We were going to wait until spring, but were getting tired of looking at mounds of dirt.

Yesterday around 3:00, a yard of mulch was delivered.

Yesterday by 5:00, it was in all the garden beds (by yours truly).

Greg was supposed to get home about an hour early, but things didn't go as planned. I was racing the sunlight to get it all off the driveway by myself.

My legs and back are a little sore, and no pictures were taken. I was in such a panic mode to get it all done that I forgot to share the process.

Picture this: a large pile of mulch, about 15 trips with the wheelbarrow, a shovel, a broom, and just little ole' me.

Ha ha, you get the point. I am glad it is done and the garden beds now looked finished.

xo, Erin

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