Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentine's Day {5}

Five great things happened all in one day, Valentine's Day of course. Greg proposed to me four years ago so it holds an extra special place in our heart. Here is the recap:

1. I got my hubby {2} Mumford and Sons CDs and tickets to their stopover this summer in Ohio. Best wife ever, right?? 
He bought me new Nikes, I just need to find the perfect pair

2. Homemade pizza (heart shape of course) for our romantic dinner + a bottle of wine. Simple and perfect

3. Late night dessert run to pick up our first Shamrock shake of the season. Now that's true love

4. My other special Valentine, so spoiled

5. And to make my day even better, my Birchbox arrived today. I'm excited to try all the samples, but unfortunately can't eat the Ghirardelli because I gave up candy for lent!

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Looking forward to another relaxing weekend, plus an extra day off! Oh, the perks of being a teacher. 

Also, check back next week for an extra special, exciting announcement!

xo, Erin


  1. Stopping in from h54f and that pizza looks heavenly! Makes me want to try it out :)


  2. you are a better woman than I am in this whole lent thing! I could never give up chocolate or candy. I decided to only do one soda a day. Which is kind of a cheater move but i felt that going cold turkey would be a bad idea for me and everyone around me! HAHA

  3. new follower! mumford tickets--you are a great wife! love your heart shaped pizza. cute dog! I want to try Birchbox, it looks so fun!