Monday, February 18, 2013

Goodbye Woodgate

Back in January, I shared that we de-cluttered the whole house and that all the rooms had been renovated. We were partly excited to just sit back and enjoy our home, but kind of sad because we really did enjoy most projects.

And then this happened:

After looking at all the pros and cons, we decided to sell our house. We are both very happy and content with our jobs, and were ready to pull the trigger and settle in Ohio. We always knew this wouldn't be our forever home so the timing just felt right. We wanted to move to a better school district and a town closer to more amenities. Interest rates are also very low, so we started our search. 

We had casually been looking online at houses for the past few months, just seeing what was out there in our price range. Pictures online are very deceiving and make the house and rooms seem much bigger than they actually are. There were also some houses that the pictures didn't do it justice. They only showed a few pictures and left you wondering. We knew we wanted another house that needed some love. We also had a major list of must haves for a forever home.

We had been really excited about one house in particular for a few months. We watched it sit on the market and the price continue to drop. We tried to find another house that was better or comparable for the same price, but we just couldn't. So we went for it, we put in an offer and waited.

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The process was extremely stressful and didn't go exactly how we wanted... but the house is ours! We are not excited for the whole moving process, but super excited to start this new adventure together.

In the meantime, we had lots of traffic on our house and we accepted an offer, just shy of asking price.

Please hang tight. Over the next month and a half things may get crazy with packing and moving, but I promise I will be back. There are SO many projects to be done in this house, we don't even know where to start. We will definitely be taking things slow and start off by just painting a few of the main living spaces. We want to be 100% sure with each decision we make. In the meantime, I will be scouring Pinterest and starting to get lots of inspiration. I will share my ideas along the way!

Here are some of the blank slates I get to transform:

Formal dining room

Kitchen and eat-in

Master bedroom

Back patio... perfect spot for a hot tub :)

Let the craziness begin!

xo, Erin

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