Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pinterest Planning

I can't stop. There is so much inspiration floating around Pinterest and it just makes we want to dive head first in to our new house. Yes, we are going to take it slow, but I need a starting point. In order to pick some paint colors for a few of the main rooms, I need a vision. Pinterest makes that very easy, yet difficult because there are SO many choices. Here's what I'm currently loving:

This wall color, window trim, and patterned curtains
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These calm, neutral colors and patterns for the Master
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Darker walls and an assortment of pillows
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Striped accent wall in a bathroom
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Dark cabinets, white island, light wood floor
Cherry Kitchen Cabinets With White Island Design

Pins { great room - bedroom - living room - bathroom - kitchen }

And these paint colors, love them all!
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paint colors }

Where do you get most of your inspiration?

xo, Erin


  1. Oooh! This all looks fabulous! Great ideas. The bedroom board might be my favorite. I'm excited for you and cannot wait to see your ideas come to life!

    I also get most of my inspiration from Pinterest. I like to type "mood board" or "inspiration board" into the search bar too. Tons of color scheme and style ideas!

    1. I agree, that bedroom would make me want to stay in bed all day! I already have dark furniture, a white duvet and the perfect lamps. Just need to accessorize :)

      You just opened up a whole new world of Pinterest to me. I have never typed in 'mood board'. I will be busy tonight!