Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Moving Madness

Keys. Check
Trailer. Check
Electricity. Check
Internet. Check

With a few minor bumps in the road, we fully moved in to our new house last weekend. We couldn't have done it without help from our parents and a few strong guys Greg works with. The plan was originally to take our time because we have a week and a half until we close on Woodgate. But once we started going, we ended up moving everything.

We rented a 12x6 trailer from U-haul for 2 days at only $30 a day. It took us a few more trips then a truck would have, but we didn't get charged for mileage so it was super affordable. The only thing that didn't fit in the trailer was our hot tub, which the guys hoisted into the back of a truck.

We closed Thursday afternoon and immediately started moving stuff. My mom and I cleaned bathrooms and kitchen cabinets while Greg and my dad loaded/unloaded 2 trailers full. Friday was more of the same. 2 full trailers, unpack the kitchen and move boxes to designated rooms. Saturday morning from 9-2, Greg had help moving the big heavy furniture and I directed traffic ;) Sunday we took a break to go out for breakfast with both our parents, attend Easter Mass and organize/unpack some more. Monday, Greg and I both took off work to run some errands, get internet and relax for a bit.

Here's a peek into our adventures:


Murphy overall did really well. In the beginning, he was just walking around sniffing everything and feeling unsure. The more stuff we brought over, the more comfortable he got. I think he realized we were staying once the couch and blanket were here along with his bench. As you can see, he made himself right at home.

Some room pictures tomorrow--
xo, Erin

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  1. Yay! So happy to hear that things went well! Can't wait to see the room photos!!