Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Summer is near

There are only 13 more days that the students are in school, and 27 work days until I am off for the summer!  This comes with 18 Kindergarten Transition meetings to sit through, end of year assessments and paperwork out the wazoo! I also have two weeks left in my Masters classes which means crunch time and big projects due. I am looking forward to time off and spending it on the house, whether it's painting walls or shopping for bargains. I will be nannying part time and am looking into possibly getting another job as well, for fun money :)

The warmer weather has been giving me vacation fever. We have been contemplating for a few months whether or not to take a vacation Memorial Day week. It's right after our anniversary and right before I am going to start summer work. I think we may have finally decided to take a trip to the U.P. and Mackinac Island. You don't have to go to the Caribbean to find views like this:

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Have you ever been to the Upper Peninsula? Any suggestions on places to see or trails to hike?

xo, Erin

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  1. Beautiful! I have heard of the Upper Peninsula but never knew where or what it was! So pretty