Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Patio Planning Round 2

A few weeks ago, after selling our patio set, I started talking about our future plans. We already bought pavers to extend the patio that we have stacked in a huge pile behind the grill. We have been waiting for a free weekend that we didn't have any other project on the list, along with good weather. The patio has definitely taken a backseat with all our bathroom work.

Good thing no construction has taken place out there. We may or may not have ended up with this last week:

Long story short... it's a $8,000+ hot tub, we got it for free, there was some manual labor involved and we did not break any laws. I'd say it's a keeper :)

So now we need to brainstorm new patio plans. We are still extending the patio and adding privacy, but have some other layout ideas in mind. Enter Pinterest, my bff.

Oversized pergola for hot tub patio.
TimberTech Earthwood deck with built in benches, table by the hot tub, built in BBQ and patio cover.
hot tub and patio layout
patio design, areas for hot tub, patio table, furniture

Option 1 gives you the best idea of what we are planning. This works with our existing patio and incorporates our old plans. We just need to extend the patio for a perfect space for the hot tub. Then we will add a pergola and privacy like we originally planned. I like the table that is by the tub in option 2. This will allow a space for drinks and snacks. In option 3 I like the curtains for a different kind of privacy along with the hooks for towels.  We will probably take ideas from all of the above options. 

Which brings me to the next point: seating.  While browsing around this weekend at Watson's, we fell in love with this:

It isn't in stock until the first week of July because the price was that good. We currently have a refundable deposit on it which gives us time to shop around and make sure this is the set we really want.  

The pros: chairs are very comfy and spring, aluminum non-rusting material, firepit is gas and can easily turn on & off, firepit can also act as a table, we won't have to build a firepit in the yard and buy firewood.

The cons: price. It was more than we planned on spending, but seems to be worth it in the long run. We will save money on materials for building our own firepit along with years of buying firewood. 

I would say the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Time to get to work on the backyard and turn it into a mini oasis!

xo, Erin


  1. Hahaha. Was that hot tub sittin' on someone's curb? ;)

    1. Nope.. brand new! Good guess though :)

  2. Seems sort of fitting that you buy the set from Watson's all things considered!

    1. haha! The least we can do is give them some business ;)