Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Anniversary: Paper

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper.  Greg claimed he took care of that because my early gift was a new laptop. Don't worry, I didn't let him off the hook. A printer prints paper, not a laptop :)

So Greg came home from work Monday with this:

Yes, that is a giant roll of toilet paper with a sweet message on it. Brownie points for making me laugh, but still not off the hook.

When Greg was gone on a business trip last week, I was busy making his gift.  Of course it was going to incorporate paper and I had a few ideas of how I was going to do that. Last year when planning our wedding, I had the intent on writing my own vows.  I found out later that in a Catholic Mass, we have to stick with the traditional vows.  Somehow, I wanted to share with Greg the vows I had written for him.

I came up with the idea of writing them out on a mat around a wedding picture. I bought a shadowbox frame from Ikea and played around with the spacing. I was having a hard time handwriting them, so I ended up using my computer to help.

I typed the vows out, while leaving a square in the center for the picture.  The inside of the frame measured 9x9 and I used 8.5x11 paper.  There was a slight gap on the one side so I found ribbon used at our wedding and glued it down the one side. Perfect. A sentimental way to share my vows and create a keepsake for years to come.

Greg got me this...

I can't wait to find a spot for it on the gallery wall or somewhere else around the house, it just needs a frame! The Corinthians reading at the bottom was read at our wedding which makes it even more sentimental. Greg did good :) I also got Greg a monthly massage for the next year. His back is always so tight and my hands are not strong enough for the job.

xo, Erin

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