Friday, December 14, 2012


It's Friday. I have five more work days until break. Today is payday. I am going to a holiday party tomorrow night. Greg and I are baking cookies this weekend and celebrating Christmas together on Sunday. Yup, this week and next week will be awesome.

I am linking up with fmgd to share some favorites:

1. More small house projects to check off the list... organized basement and started painting interior doors

2. I love coming home to Christmas cards in the mailbox

3. Holiday nails are the best. China Glaze Red Stallion with silver crackle on top

4. I made an Enchilada Pasta Bake this week, and it was delicious!

 { recipe from Table for Two }
5. All my Christmas shopping is done! Now I just need to start wrapping this weekend 

xo, Erin


  1. I love Christmas cards too!! It's so fun to see how people have changed! (:
    Found you from H5FF, you can find me here:

  2. Aren't getting christmas cards the best! This is the 1st year that I am actually getting some addressed to me and people have to find out my address and it totally makes me feel special! I love the way you are displaying all of yours.