Friday, December 21, 2012

5 Cheers for Holiday Break

I am officially on Christmas break...  for 17 days. 12 of those 17 days will be spent with my family in Naperville, Greg's family in Michigan and a family wedding on New Years Eve. Being so busy is going to make break go by super fast! Oh well, cheers to time with family and friends! During break I probably won't be blogging much. See you in 2013!

Here are some favorite things that happened this week, link up with FMGD to share yours.

1. December Birchbox arrived in the prettiest box. I love the perfume sample and the shampoo. I have not been disappointed yet by one of my boxes!

2. Greg and I celebrated Christmas over the weekend. Murphy always steals our blanket, so we got him his own plus a super soft bed. Can you tell he likes it?

3. The awesome family I nanny over the summer got me this adorable Kate Spade makeup case. I love the creativity and thought behind it. Will definitely be using it a lot for all our travels.

4. Annual Christmas cookie baking.. Losey Sugar Cookies the first batch, and the second batch of dough we decided on gingerbread. We frosted and sprinkled them of course :)

5. More festive holiday nails. Sally Hansen Cha-Ching

How will you be spending your holidays? Be safe to everyone who is traveling!

xo, Erin


  1. Love the picture of your pup resting in his blanket!! One of our pups is always sleeping in the middle of my hubs and I and neither of us are covered when the morning comes!!!

    YAY for Cmas break!!! Hope it's filled with lots of fun family time!

    xo, Bev

  2. those cookies look great! and what a cute make up bag!

  3. 1. Your pup is SOO cute!
    2. YAAY for BBs arriving!
    3. That kate spade bag is an awesome gift!

  4. New follower! Love your blog! :)

    My cousins live in Glen Ellyn, and all of my best friends live in Cincinnati... I went to Miami of Ohio!

    LOVEEEEEE that makeup bag and nail polish! can't wait to follow you!


  5. Oh, I'm going out tomorrow and finding that glittery nail polish!! And your puppy is SO adorable!!