Friday, January 25, 2013


This week has flown by. It has been extremely busy with work, school and home life. I am happy to have a few days to semi-relax. We are headed to Michigan for our niece's baptism this weekend and will also be spending some time at the Detroit auto show (my first time).

While it was a crazy week, I still found some down time and fun things to do. Link up with Lauren at  FMGD to share yours.

1. Jungle Jims is an awesome international market around Cincinnati. They have a huge beer and wine selection as well as specialty candy, cheeses and other fun foods. Greg and I had fun picking out beer to try including Banana Bread and Mississippi Mud. They sell a lot of beer buy the bottle so you can sample more.

2. Have you ever ordered online at Chipotle then went to pick it up? It's amazing, we won't do it any other way! We went straight to the cashier, no waiting in line. Our food wasn't ready right when we arrived so they gave us chips and drinks for free. I'll take it :)

3. This is what our Sunday afternoon looked like. Family nap time

4. I highly recommend you try these Pizza Quesadillas. So simple and so delicious

5. Don't you love when you are getting dressed and put an outfit combination together that you instantly  love? That happened this week. Chambray + sweater + skinny cords + booties

xo, Erin 


  1. That outfit looks so cute! I need those cords! And Sunday afternoon nap time is the best! Have a great weekend!

  2. I had NO idea Chipotle had online ordering!!! AND you got free chips and dranks?? Those chips are my absolute fave!!! love the lemon salt on em!

    and the pizza quesadilla looks super scrummy! you're just making me hunger for all the non-breakfast items this morning!

    found you through H54F linkup! xo, Bev

  3. That beer selection looks amazing! Color me jealous! I recognize some of the labels/brands, and I know we can't get some of those in Nebraska.

    Have a fun weekend in Michigan!


  4. You can never go wrong with chipotle and chambray in the same week. Love the outfit. Stopping by from H54F linkup.

  5. Cute little blog :) Stopping by from the H54F!