Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

We went back and forth on what kind of mirror to buy. We purchased four different kinds, brought them home to see what they looked like, and they all went back to the store. We ended up using a frameless mirror from IKEA and built a frame around it. This was Greg's idea from the beginning, I just didn't know how great they would look.

This is the mirror we started with:

GODMORGON Mirror IKEA Mounting hardware is adjustable in depth, leaving room for light cords. The safety film reduces damage if the glass breaks.
found here

And this is what we ended up with:

They still need to be hung on the wall (there are 2 of them) but I love the style.  They were simple to make and affordable too! The clean lines and modern look fit well with the rest of the bathroom.  Greg did a great job building the frame around it, then we just gave it a few coats of white semi-gloss paint (the same stuff we use for our baseboards).

We started with a few pieces of primed pine from Home Depot that ran about $4.50 per 8ft. section.  From there, Greg measured, cut, glued and bracketed the mirror into place. Check out the process below! {Sorry for the poor angles and pictures, camera was left at home so I used my iPhone.}

Lay out your frame and measure/cut to size 

Cut an inset on all 4 sides so the mirror can fit tight

Close-up of the inset

Once all sides are cut, create a rough frame to make
sure everything is parallel and the mirror fits

Glue the sides together and clamp until dry

While drying, place the mirror inside the frame and lock into place using brackets

Brackets we used, about $2.50 per 4 pack

Pre-drill holes and screw brackets in place.
Add sawtooth hanger (x2) to hang on the wall

Almost complete mirror, waiting for glue to dry

Cost to complete our project:
  • 2 mirrors- $19.99 each
  • Primed pine- $13
  • Brackets- $5
  • Sawtooth hangers- $2.50
  • Paint- already owned
  • Total spent = ~$60

And now for a look at our bathroom to-do list from March:

  • Tile bathroom floor
  • Install new vanity and sinks
  • Paint walls
  • Find new mirror(s)
  • Buy new light fixtures
  • Buy a new toilet
  • Build some type of storage

An end is officially in sight! We found lights that I will share once the electrical is moved and the lights are installed. The last item on our list, bathroom storage, is being built today! So exciting that everything is finally coming together. Can't wait to show a before and after reveal.

xo, Erin

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  1. Oh don't you just love IKEA? You can make anything from their basics!