Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Michigan Adventures

Back to reality..

This past weekend was spent at Michigan State for Homecoming. We enjoyed some Uncle John's cider, time with friends, tailgating and Panchero's. 8 of us rented a house for the weekend which worked out pretty well. We were all in the same place and it felt like college all over again. The downside to the weekend was the weather. We tailgated in the rain for almost 4 hours and were all soaked and cold before even going to the game. It definitely didn't go as planned. Here are some pictures to recap the weekend:

Uncle John's has the best  cider and donuts

Shots from the bottle to start off the weekend

Found Ed from The Bachelorette at my favorite bar

Ed gave Greg his name tag.. 

The rainbow at tailgate, only signaling rain ahead

Trying to stay warm with a mulch fire

Who's in for next year?!

xo, Erin

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