Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lawn Labor

You can't just get 'Yard of the Month' sitting back and doing nothing. This weekend we spent 6+ hours outside doing lawn business. This consisted of: cutting the grass, slit-seeding, raking thatch, watering seed, removing/transplanting trees, adding dirt to existing trees, seeding around the mailbox and adding dirt and seed around most of our patio.

The bad news is that I have no pictures right now. I was so busy over the weekend running around, the camera got left inside. I was going to snap some pictures last night of some changes, but it has been raining. I am definitely not going to complain about rain right now. This is perfect  for our seed we planted and means we don't have to water. Double hooray!

Back in March, in the early spring, we did a similar technique on our lawn.  This time around, we decided to rent a slit seeder because of success in previous years.  We paid $40 to rent the machine for 4 hours (we didn't need it the whole time, that was the minimum). Basically the machine moves along, slicing the ground to a desired depth (we choose 3/4") then dropping seed into the slices. While it is slicing, it is also dethatching and pulling up the dead grass clipping from the past season.

While Greg was running the machine, I was busy raking up piles of dead grass to be later scooped up. This process also helped move the seed around and into the ground.  We then gave the yard a good soaking with the sprinkler, and will need to keep watering the seed for about 10 days. Praying for more rain!

We picked up a few bags of top soil from Home Depot and filled the gaps around the patio. We then dumped handfuls of seed around the edge and raked it in. We are hoping the grass grows well, but it will probably need a little extra attention come the spring.

A few things that we still need to tend to:

  • huge pile of dirt in the back corner of our yard that needs to be turned into an island
  • build garden beds around our new, expanded patio
  • get the hot tub out of our garage and on the patio

Will take some pictures soon!

xo, Erin

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