Thursday, October 4, 2012

Organizing 101: Our Bathroom

 Over several months, we renovated our master bath from top to bottom, and literally gutted everything. We knocked down a wall and added bathroom storage in it's place. Perfect! Now there is plenty of room for towels, toilet paper, hair products and extra toiletries. I bought some baskets from Target and Home Goods and got to organizing.

Here is what our bathroom looked like before renovations and storage (pretty ugly):

Then we updated everything, knocked down the wall, and added much needed storage. It was looking like this:

The cabinet on the inside needed help! I wanted to find baskets to hold everyday items and extra bath and beauty products that were floating around. It was looking like this for a few months:

I finally found the perfect baskets at Target (gray ones) and Home Goods (white ones) and got to work organizing. I love that we now have room for towels in the bathroom. Previously, they were stored in the hall linen closet. 

After... love all the gray and white!

Love these baskets, perfect fit!

They hold toilet paper, extra tissue boxes and Lysol wipes

This basket carries my essential hair items.
It comes out after my shower, and right back in the cabinet after drying my hair

I love organizing and simplifying my life! It makes my morning routine go much quicker.

xo, Erin

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