Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finishing Touches

After working hard over the weekend, we left it unfinished. The paver sand was in piles all over the surface of the pavers and Greg still had to finish the edging. We made it out there last night to clean up so we could show you some better pictures of the patio. It is almost done.

Paver sand everywhere

Knocking the dirt away so the edging could fit

Hammering down the pins

Now for the after clean-up pictures...

There is a small gap where we need to cut pavers still

Some things we still need to do:
  • Cut pavers to fit remaining gap
  • Fill topsoil around the edge and plant new grass
  • Build a few garden beds and plant bushes
  • Add a little more fine grain paver sand to the cracks

We are so excited about the 175 sq. ft. addition. Now we need to find some patio furniture so we can enjoy it out there.

xo, Erin

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