Monday, May 7, 2012

backyard island 411

When we planted these trees in March, we had every intention of building an island to encompass them. It was looking pretty bad for the last 2 months:

It was pretty much a big mound of dirt that we kept throwing dead grass on.  Our neighbor's yards don't look much better, but I was beginning to get embarrassed of the growing dirt pile. 

We finally acted on it yesterday... and got mighty sunburnt in the process. Well, Greg did because he was too good for sunscreen ;)

Step 1: Rototill the dirt and dead grass

Step 2: Even out the dirt with a rake

Step 3: Cover the area with weed block 

Step 4: Add a layer of dirt

Step 5: Add plants to your garden. We transplanted a lilac bush

Step 6: Add more small shrubs

Step 7: Mulch & water plants

We feel very accomplished and think it turned out great. There was a good amount of labor involved, but the results are worth it. I want to add more to the island by planting flowers for some color. While we were busy outside, Murphy was busy doing this:

We have such a good support system :)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and got something accomplished.

xo, Erin

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