Friday, May 4, 2012

high five to an awesome week

So happy that it's Friday even though we have a busy weekend planned. Must keep working on the bathroom and yardwork..

I'm linking up with Lauren to tell you my 5 favorite things from this week. Let me tell you, it has been awesome for one main reason:

1. I have been accepted into Miami University's Special Education Masters Program! Who knew I would be this excited to go back to school?!

2. Murph Man got a haircut. He always smells so good and looks so tiny once his hair is gone. Look how cute he is all curled up

3. What's better than homemade pancakes for breakfast? Chocolate chip ones of course :)

4. Our azalea bush has bloomed and it gives such a pretty color to our landscape

5. I got these cute jeans from Gap and have already worn them twice



Cheers to a productive weekend.. and maybe a beverage or two for Cinco de Mayo ;)

xo, Erin


  1. congratulations on getting accepted to grad school! and I LOVE those green pants!! you should do an outfit post with them! happy weekend!!

  2. congrats on being accepted into grad school!! that is awesome news. and love those green pants, i have red denim and love them!

  3. Chocolate chip pancakes?!?! OMGGGGG scrummy!!!

    And congrats on getting accepted into the Masters Program girl!! You are gonna love the network you make with your cohort and professors ;)