Thursday, May 3, 2012

tile, paint and storage, oh my!

Here are some more accurate pictures of the floor tile. You can definitely tell it is a gray color now.

You will also notice we put paint swatches on the wall... painting is the next big step. We need to get the walls painted before the vanity gets installed so there is more space to move around. Right now I am leaning towards a light shade of blue/gray. I want something calm and spa like, nothing too overpowering.

looking at the shower from the window

standing where the vanity will be

another angle from where the vanity will be

Murph investigating

from our bedroom looking at the vanity

close-up of the texture and colors

We also need to start thinking about our bathroom storage. I found some ideas on Pinterest to save floor space while maximizing shelving space.

so pretty

storage between studs

built in storage

Any other ideas? I am loving option number one right now. Thinking about altering it to make the mirrors flush against the wall and having hidden cabinets in the studs. Oh Pinterest, where would I be without you?

xo, Erin 

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  1. I love that floor! The tile almost looks like wood grains. And option number one is my favorite too.