Tuesday, May 1, 2012

bathroom floor update

Tile is done and grouted. Now we wait for the grout to cure and the final step is to seal it.

We ended up with this tile from Lowe's:

Zoomed: American Olean 6-Pack 24" x 12" Infusion Gray Wenge Thru Body Porcelain Floor Tile
check it out

before grout

after grout... ignore the awful lighting!

Greg and I had an idea what we were looking for. We found this tile at a high end flooring store by us. They were more money then we planned on spending. We got the name of the tile, did some research and found it online at Lowe's for half the price. We are all about the bargains :) I love how it has a linen/texture look to it. It brings in a few shades of gray and adds dimension to the floor. I realize that the color looks different in all three pictures above. The lighting was bad and I had to use the flash. I think the middle picture is the most accurate shade of gray. The room looks so much bigger.. probably because there is still no vanity.

For the most part, tiling was a breeze. Since the tiles are 12 x 24, it went very quickly. The main thing we had to worry about was making sure each tile was level. We used Tavy tile puck to help us with this step.



I'm so excited for the floors to be done so we can install our new toilet and finally use our shower!

Still on the to-do list:

  • Install vanity & new faucets
  • Paint walls
  • Buy new base trim
  • Figure out the mirror situation
  • Lighting
  • Build some type of storage
  • Finish electrical outlet next to sink

Things are coming together. Better pictures to come soon once we have daylight.

xo, Erin

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  1. Looking great! Love the larger sized tiles too!