Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Last year I had planted impatiens along our front garden wall before our wedding. To be more specific, they were planted the first week of May and I had to rip out the small bushes they grew into sometime late October. I had so much success, I knew I wanted to plant them again.

I wish I had taken more pictures of them. I choose a pink theme for my flowers last year. I mixed three different shades together and they all blended and grew together so nicely. This year, I wanted to try a red and white theme. I thought this would look nice with our navy shutters.

I bought two flats, one of each color. I grouped three flowers together, mixing the colors (2 red-1 white or 2 white-1 red).

I spaced each section about 8-12 inches apart. If all goes as well as last year, they will grow into each other and create a wall of red and white flowers.  I water them almost daily and use Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster about every two weeks. This seemed to do the trick and created constant flowers for six months last year. I made sure to take before pictures for you and will update it once they get big.

I also bought two hanging baskets of just red impatiens that I will plant in my new pots. They already fill the pot out, I can't imagine what they will look like by August!

Did anyone else plant flowers this weekend? [Knock on wood] I think the frost is finally gone here!

xo, Erin

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  1. Those are beautiful! I can't wait until I have actual ground space to plant flowers. I'm in an apartment, so I'm using window boxes on our balcony rail to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables! I can't wait! Waiting until the end of May though to be sure there's no chance for frost.