Monday, August 13, 2012

Opinions Please

A few weeks ago, I shared my office with you. Things have since changed a bit. We didn't sell the loveseat yet, but decided to move it to our other spare room. I am trying to get my office in order before I start my Masters in a month.

Last time I was back in Naperville, I said I would share my purchase from the Crate & Barrel outlet. Well, it's assembled and here it is:

We got a steal of a deal on the CB2 Sidecar White High Dining Table, except I am using it for a desk. I know there is a desk on the other side, but that is more for crafts and scrapbooking. I will use this new desk for school work.

Office to-do list:

  • Install recessed lighting
  • Buy a stool for the new desk
  • Wall art

There is where you guys come in. I have scoured Pinterest, but nothing is catching my eye. I am trying to figure out something to put on the huge blank wall. I also need storage ideas for where the little plastic drawers are currently (to the left of the closet door). I want something functional and fun. I can't wait to hear your ideas!

xo, Erin


  1. Hi Erin,
    I was wondering if the table you purchased is the exact same on as you linked? My husband and I have been considering this table to go in our eat-in kitchen but worried it would only seat two people (one on each side). Do you think two barstools would fit on each side?
    I also noticed that it looks like yours has a tray that the one online does not and there doesn't appear to be shelves on the outside (like the one on the website).

    Have you thought about putting a large shelf across the wall where you could put small containers for storage, lean a large frame up, sit a vase on, etc? IT would break up the large wall and allow you to change stuff out when you felt like a change.


    1. Great ideas, thanks!

      Sorry we have the discontinued version of this table. That tray makes it look more like a desk. I think two small barstools would definitely fit on each side. Hope that helps!

    2. Oh darn, I liked the tray to store stuff in :( Thanks for the help with the stools!

  2. It's cute so far! Can't wait to see the rest Erin!