Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Conquered

This weekend was in the 90s, but that didn't hold us back. Two weekends ago we started our patio expansion project which you can read here. Our goal was to finish it this past weekend (or at least the major parts). The in-laws came to visit and lend a hand. This helped expedite the process and share some duties that would have normally been all mine. When it came down to it though, most of it was a one-man-job. Any takers on who that was?

Here is a little of what the process involved:

Step 1: Buy crushed limestone, preferably from somewhere local to save $

Step 2: Spread out limestone to approximate level with a garden rake

Step 3: Create a screed to get the exact level you need (we went 2 in. deep)

Step 4: Spray water over limestone and tamp down. It locks in place somewhat like concrete

Admire your work :)

Step 5: Have paver sand delivered or buy bags from Home Depot

Step 6: Lay a thin layer of sand. Create a screed to desired depth and pull the sand.
Begin laying pavers at one end and check your work with a level

Murphy investigating the scene..

Step 7: Stomp down on pavers that need a little extra help leveling (this was our last paver!)

Step 8: Secure edging in place so your hard work doesn't shift.

That is the general overview we followed. We learned a few lessons and short cuts along the way, but Greg really took over when it came to placing the pavers down. We handed him tools he needed or helped him hold the screed down, but most of the time we sat and supported him.

Can't wait to finish the final touches, like filling the small cracks with sand and planting grass come fall. We have already spent more time on our patio in a few short days than we have in over two years since owning the house!

xo, Erin

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  1. It looks great! Can't wait to see the whole thing finished, those stones are so neat.