Thursday, August 23, 2012

Patio Prep

Last weekend we started construction on our patio. I am so excited how smoothly everything went and am hoping we can complete it this weekend. We are having paver base (crushed limestone) delivered from a landscaping company down the street from us. With delivery, it will be $50 for a cubic yard of crushed limestone. If we were to buy the small bags from our local Home Depot, we would need to pick up 70+ bags at $3.49 a bag.  You do the math...

In preparation for this weekend, Greg spent a few hours this week leveling the dirt. This will allow us to get right into laying the paver base come Saturday morning. Greg created a screed using some left over wood in our basement. This helped to create an overall level between the ground and patio. We needed to go 4 inches deep from the patio and this was an easy way of measuring the depth.

Step one: Loosen the dirt on the ground with a shovel

Step two: Pull the screed along the dirt, pulling the excess as you go. Our backyard is not very level, so in some areas, Greg needed to add dirt where we went to deep.

Step three: Use a tamp to compact the leveled dirt

While working one night, this was our view:

Next time I update you on the patio, I hope it is almost complete :)

xo, Erin

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