Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Anniversary Edition: Master & Guest Room

I'm back again today with more pictures of how we transformed our house over the past 2 years.  If you missed out earlier in the week, you can check out the kitchen here and family room here.

Today I am going to share with you pictures of our guest bedroom and master bedroom. Thing are not completely done in either of these rooms, but definitely on track to be finished up soon.  Still working on finishing touches, a few accessories and maybe even more art on the wall.

First up is the guest bedroom and the fabulous before shots:

After some minor updates, nothing too crazy.

Now for our master bedroom. I have envisioned many different things in this room, but after the purchase of the striped duvet, things are taking off.  Here is what it looked liked 2 years ago:


The ottoman is at the foot of our bed so Murphy can get up without our help

Doorway on the left leads to the hall and the right is our master bathroom

Some things we did:
  • Painted the walls
  • Painted the trim
  • Installed board and batten 
  • Added a ceiling fan
  • Bought a nice bedroom set
  • Our fabulous closet remodel you can read about here

It's amazing what some paint can do to a space, especially the crisp white trim.  I painted the trim in our entire house white. Took about 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of good paint.  Definitely not fun, but so worth the end result!

Sorry if you are getting bored with our house pictures, I promise I am almost done! Just a few more rooms to share...

xo, Erin

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