Tuesday, April 3, 2012

12 years later...

We are visiting my parents in Naperville for my spring break while Greg works at an office around here. Break has been great so far... hung out with some friends from college, ate Portillo's & Giordano's and had lots of time to relax.  No matter where we are though, Greg needs to keep busy and find something to do around the house.

My mom had found a chandelier she wanted for the foyer. It should have been changed 12 years ago when we moved into the house.  You can see from the picture it's a yucky, gold builder grade light.  This is probably why it hasn't been switched out:

Looks a little scary, right? I couldn't even watch him while he was on the ladder.  At one point, I needed to hold his hand so he could get a farther reach with the other arm. 

I asked, "What happens if my hand slips?"
His response was, "Well, I will fall over the banister and to the ground."

He seemed very calm like it was no big deal. I on the other hand got nauseous every time I looked up and my hands started profusely sweating as I held his hand for dear life.  

It's all done now and made a huge difference. Like I said, this should have been done YEARS ago.  

We are headed back to Ohio tomorrow night and hopefully will have our own house updates soon!

xo, Erin

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