Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Sunday... a little late

This was our first major holiday as husband and wife, that we weren't traveling to family and family wasn't coming to us.  Here is rundown of what our day looked like:

8:00 am- Easter Mass

9:30 am- Caribou Coffee

10:00 am- Mini family photo shoot

10:30am- Grout the shower floor. We promised ourselves no home improvement projects today, but this was a quick one ;)

12:00 pm- Egg salad sandwiches with our dyed eggs

1:30 pm- Bike ride to the park and played some baseball

3:30 pm- Begin cooking dinner while watering our new trees

5:30 pm- Easter dinner. Ham, potatoes and green bean casserole

7:00pm- Walk around the neighborhood to make room for dessert

8:00 pm- Eat banana pudding

This was a little after the fact, but just wanted to share how we celebrated Easter together. It was filled with memories and was nice to not have to travel for once.

xo, Erin

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  1. Oh wow! You just made me miss Caribou coffee so much! Not fair. Love your dress girl, you're gorgeous!