Thursday, April 12, 2012

Anniversary Edition: The Bathrooms

Today I am wrapping up our anniversary house tour with our bathroom remodels. There are obviously more rooms in the house, but they haven't had enough love and TLC to share quite yet.  In cased you missed out, take a look at our family roomkitchen and bedroom.

Our first experience tiling a floor was in the powder room. The room is super tiny, I'm talking like 3x6.  We thought this would be a good place to practice and get the feel of things.

Here it is on moving day. The room is so small this is the best picture I could get.



  • ceramic tile floor
  • new vanity
  • new mirror
  • new lighting
  • painted walls & trim

Next is our guest bath.  This room had a bigger surface area to be tiled, but it seemed to go much easier.  There was more room to move around and we knew what we were doing this time.


Upgrades in the guest bath:
  • Painted walls & trim
  • Painted vanity
  • New granite top
  • Framed mirror
  • New lighting and moved location
  • Ceramic tile floor

Last, but not least, our master bathroom.  This is still a work in progress that you can read about herehere and here.  Before you see the shower and all it's beauty, this is what we lived with for almost 2 years:

drum roll....

From a distance, you can't tell this is a shelf. It is, and it's awesome

Keepin' it real, the other side of the bathroom has been neglected

As you can see, we still have many more things to finish up in our master bathroom. We are very excited how the shower turned out and are anxious to start on the other projects!  Floor tile and a new vanity/sink combo are already purchased and on standby.  

I hope you have enjoyed our 'Anniversary Week' house recap.  I will be back next week with more details on the shower.

xo, Erin

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