Wednesday, March 7, 2012

and now we wait

Our bathroom shower is currently looking something like this:

We stopped over the weekend because (1) we ran out of thin-set and (2) we needed to order bullnose tiles. We wanted to wait to order the bullnose tiles because we weren't completely sure what we wanted to do for all the edges AND because we didn't know how many we needed.

We took the time to finally count them out and order them last night.  Estimated delivery: March 17th.  What a bummer!

In the meantime, we began shopping around for faucets for our new vanity. A month ago we bought this vanity top from Ikea.

We were very excited to find this for such a great price, but also because we will finally have 2 sinks! No more having to 'take turns' to wash our face at night. The only drawback to this vanity is you can only use single hole faucets.  

I looked around at Home Depot, Lowe's, Menards, Amazon, Overstock and a few more websites. There are surprisingly many choices, but only a few that caught my eye. Here are the two that we currently bought and are deciding between:

found at Lowe's

also found at Lowes

Which one do you like better?

xo, Erin


  1. Man that Greg guy really sucks at home improvement projects huh...

  2. Does the base come off of both?

    1. Yes, forgot to mention that! Thanks

  3. Then the top one, because it is more correct with subway tile

    1. agree, that's what we are leaning towards!