Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five for Friday

This week was pretty awesome. I babysat a little, had time to work out everyday and got some projects checked off the list around the house.  I am very sad that I go back to work in three short weeks! I have enjoyed my summer relaxing and running errands at my leisure. I am making the most of my last few weekends of summer, starting with friends from Chicago coming tonight and visiting all weekend!

But before I get too excited for the weekend, I am linking up with Lauren to share my 5 favorite things from this week:

1. The no-sew curtains in the office are done!

2. More master bathroom updates

tiled the shelf, still needs grout

added a handle to the cabinet, we went with a LANSA handle from IKEA

3. My new colored skinnies I added to my collection this past weekend. The coral and gray pairs are from the Gap Clearance Center and were $7 total.  The blue pair came from Gap on super clearance, only $10. How can you pass up those prices? Now the weather just needs to cool down a bit so I can wear them :)

4. More time to 'bake' in the kitchen. These taste similar to a Take 5  bar, recipe next week!

5. The Olympics start today, who isn't excited for that? Go USA!


  1. Love the tile in the bathroom so much! I also love your no-sew curtains {especially because I can't sew but I want curtains...}. Take 5 is one my my favorite candy bars, so that looks really, really good. Can't wait for the recipe!

  2. The tile in the bathroom looks so good!
    Everything is coming together os nicely :)

    And I think we're all excited for the Olympics...woohoo!

    Happy weekend, girl!

  3. love the no-sews and skinny jeans!!! new follower :)
    We Are The Tabbs

  4. You seriously scored on those jeans! That's so awesome! I so wish summer wouldn't end! I don't want to go back to school! UGHH!

  5. I also had a day dedicated to shopping for skinny jeans of various colors! I find it hard to achieve a great fit so I have to try on a lot before buying one. :)

    I hope you can join my weekly link up! It's on Tuesdays but of course you can do it anytime of the week and just publish it on a Tuesday. You can add your url in my current linkup for the week!

    Here's the link:


  6. Jealous of your amazing skinny jeans find!! Love those colors and am looking for some for myself :)