Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lights and Mirrors

I showed you a few weeks ago how we framed simple IKEA mirrors for our bathroom here. Well, things got busy and we finally got around to installing them on the wall. It was a very simple procedure: find the center of the sinks, measure, and drill holes.

The lighting installation was not as simple. We started with one box in the center and we wanted to split it, so there were two separate lights, one above each mirror. Good thing I have a handy husband :) He followed similar procedures by finding the center of the mirror, measuring and cutting a hole in the wall. The wires were easy for him to access and split.


Our bathroom is almost there! I love how sleek the vanity, mirrors and lights look together. The bathroom storage cabinet has since been put in. Greg also has patched the old electrical box hole and we just need to paint it. Finishing touches are last on the list. I can't wait for everything to finally be done and enjoy it. So far, we are loving all our choices. The double sinks are awesome and surprisingly, we have plenty of room to both stand at the vanity.  

I wonder what we will work on once the bathroom is finished? The possibilities are endless...

xo, Erin

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  1. I love how it has all come out! You're both so talented. :)